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Expert Pulmonology Billing Services

In the high-cost medical field of pulmonology, billing and coding errors can lead to significant revenue losses. With the ever-changing pulmonary billing codes, the complexity of handling claims increases. However, a specialized coding and billing team experienced in pulmonology billing can efficiently minimize errors and manage rejected and denied claims, safeguarding revenue unlike less experienced office staff, who may struggle to resolve complicated claims within the required timeframe.

Starting with Scheduling

The medical billing process begins with scheduling, where insurance coverage and payer requirements must be confirmed. Pulmonology often involves rescheduling appointments due to coordination with other specialists and hospital procedures, requiring careful tracking and organization.

Seasonal Services Management

Pulmonology also deals with seasonal or annual preventive practices, such as flu shots and vaccines, adding another layer of coverage and coding intricacies that need to be addressed.

High-Loss Claims

Unlike general medical practice with a high volume of low-dollar claims, pulmonology deals with fewer patients but more in-depth and time-consuming examinations and treatments. As a result, the loss of revenue from a single unpaid claim can be substantial.

Complex Coding for Procedures and Treatments

Coding in pulmonology requires precise modifiers to accurately reflect the details of services rendered. Inexperienced coders may struggle to navigate the intricacies and provide all the necessary numerically-coded details.

Specialists Handling Your RCM

To combat the complexities of pulmonology billing, JAR Solutions offers expert revenue cycle management (RCM) services. Our certified and experienced specialists handle your RCM from start to finish, allowing medical professionals to focus on patient care with confidence.

Full-Service Approach

Starting from scheduling, JAR Solutions manages all aspects of billing, including debt collection if required. With expertise in over 40 specializations, including pulmonology billing, our certified coders ensure clean claims are submitted while identifying potential red flags of over-coding or under-coding.

Government Incentive Maximization

As specialists in pulmonology billing, we stay up-to-date on government incentives and ensure you receive maximum revenue from such offers. Our services include daily billing, swift response to denials and rejections, and management of annual payer adjustments and paybacks as needed.

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