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Molecular Lab Billing Services

The rapidly evolving field of genetic testing presents unique challenges for medical billing, as billing codes struggle to keep up with the advancements. Molecular testing plays a crucial role in providing essential answers to medical questions, but its cost often leads to resistance from insurers when approving tests. To excel in molecular lab billing, it's essential to possess in-depth knowledge of billing codes and expertise in handling intricate details. Experience with insurers is also vital, as denied or rejected claims require effective appeals, establishing the medical necessity to increase the chances of getting paid.

Ensuring Accurate Claims Submission

At Jar Solutions, we offer specialized molecular, genetic, and diagnostic laboratory billing services to ensure claims are accurately coded and submitted with all necessary documentation in a timely manner. Our certified medical billing specialists are experts in their field, staying up-to-date with changes to CPT codes. With our specialized knowledge and experience, we ensure accurate claims submission, resulting in increased collections on accounts receivable.

Complex Coding

Constant changes in the field make it challenging for in-house billers to keep track of the latest CPT code updates. Different genes may have the same code, while others require an unlisted code due to unspecified genes, adding complexity to the billing process. Additionally, handling MolDX organizations and coding requirements introduces another layer of management.

Outsourcing molecular testing medical billing to Jar Solutions proves to be an excellent solution for labs. Our dedicated billing team takes charge of claims, providing a break to your staff from the complexities of dealing with insurers. With Jar Solutions, you can focus on your core laboratory work while we ensure your claims are paid efficiently.

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