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Maximizing Revenue and Efficiency

Clinical laboratories face numerous financial challenges, including increased oversight, audits, rising operating costs, and falling reimbursement rates. In a highly competitive market with client turnover, it's crucial for labs to tighten their documentation and billing processes to recover costs effectively. The impact of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) in 2014 and subsequent payment rate changes in 2018 were initial shocks for many labs. However, with additional restrictions, reporting requirements, and upcoming PAMA payment cuts, labs are preparing for the full impact. Small and medium labs, in particular, may struggle to make a profit and face difficulties in obtaining insurance contracts and receiving appropriate reimbursement. Narrowing insurance payments and challenges in collecting patient payments further exacerbate the situation.

Clinical Laboratories Billing Solutions

Jar Solutions understands the unique billing needs of clinical labs. Our certified medical billing specialists are well-versed in regulatory and medical lab billing standards. With our professional clinical laboratories' billing services, we aim to increase your revenue stream and maximize profitability. We prioritize accurate coding, timely claim submission, and assertive follow-up on denials. Our specialists work with you to develop a long-term plan for success amidst the evolving landscape of laboratory operations.

Efficiency and Accuracy in Billing Processes

Efficient adjustment of back-office and front-office procedures can significantly impact your lab's outlook. Submitting complete and accurate claims has never been more crucial. It is essential to ensure that CPT and ICD-10 codes are correct and that claims are coded with the highest level of specificity to demonstrate medical necessity. Time is of the essence, as there is a limited window for reporting clinical diagnoses and submitting claims. Adjusting the pace of administrative and billing processes becomes vital, especially when ordering providers submit requisitions with missing, incomplete, or incorrect information.

Partnering with Jar Solutions for Clinical Lab Billing Success

The outlook for clinical laboratories doesn't have to be dismal. Jar Solutions supports you in streamlining your billing operations and maximizing revenue. Our expertise in clinical lab billing and our commitment to staying abreast of industry changes ensures that your lab can navigate the challenges ahead. Request a demo today to learn how we can help your clinical laboratory thrive.

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