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ASC (Ambulatory Surgery Center) Billing Services

At Jar Solutions, we recognize the complexities faced by ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) in managing medical billing while providing a variety of services and accommodating multiple practitioners. Our ASC billing services aim to alleviate the challenges associated with coding guidelines and maximize reimbursements, ensuring a successful surgery center operation. We take pride in being among the best ASC billing companies, offering effective revenue cycle management to tackle rising costs and shrinking reimbursements.

Aggressive Management of ASC Billing Challenges

Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation:

ASCs can significantly improve revenue by negotiating favorable rates as an out-of-network provider. Our trained negotiations team at Jar Solutions is well-versed in the process, ensuring that you receive the best reimbursements possible.

Patient Scheduling

A seamless medical revenue cycle begins with patient scheduling. Our team of trained ASC billing professionals ensures accurate intake and scheduling, capturing all required information.

Benefits Verification

For ASC billing, benefits verification is crucial as there are specific limitations on reimbursable treatments and procedures. Our team ensures that proposed actions align with the patient's benefits, guaranteeing eligible reimbursements.

Unique Coding Requirements

ASCs require detailed coding modifiers frequently, and any missing or incorrect application can lead to claim denials. At Jar Solutions, expert medical billers "scrub" each claim, ensuring coding details are accurate before submission.

Dedication to Revenue Cycle Management

With over a decade of expertise in ambulatory surgery medical billing and coding, Jar Solutions has expanded into all aspects of medical revenue cycle management (RCM). Our trained staff follows established procedures to deliver excellent ASC services, submitting accurate codes aligned with CMS guidelines for maximum revenue.

Continual Electronic System Updates

Medical billing codes change annually, and payers update policies regularly. Our ASC billing company stays current by using the latest EHR/EMR software and technology, ensuring data security and compliance.

Innovative, Scalable Approach

Beyond processing claims, our innovative approach to ASC billing services includes complete medical revenue cycle management. We maintain ongoing training to keep our coders and billers up to date. With a large, highly trained team, we excel in coding for ASCs and other medical specialties.

Choose Jar Solutions for ASC Billing Services

Optimize your ASC's revenue cycle management with Jar Solutions' dedicated team of certified billing and coding specialists. Our comprehensive approach ensures efficient and accurate billing processes, allowing you to focus on providing excellent patient care. Schedule a free demo today and experience the difference.




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