Coverage Discovery

Maximize Revenue Recovery with Coverage Discovery Services

Here at JAR Solutions, we are aware of the financial effects that uninsured or underinsured patients can have, as well as the importance of not overlooking billable insurance or government healthcare coverage. Our Coverage Discovery Services are designed to help you find and recover previously unclaimed revenue. Our team of experts, alongside our cutting-edge technology, will identify patients who are eligible, manage insurance verification, and submit precise claims, all while taking the load off your billing staff. Don't let potential revenue go unnoticed - reach out to us today to start reducing your losses and recouping lost revenue.

Boost Your Revenue

Uncompensated care has led to the loss of billions in revenue. At JAR Solutions, our specialized Coverage Discovery team excels in tracking down overlooked coverage for patients, ensuring our clients receive maximum reimbursements. Uncover untapped potential and reclaim your lost revenue today.

Discovering Untapped Streams of Revenue

There is potential for increased revenue in the coverage that patients may not be aware of. Many young adults are still covered under their parent's plans without realizing it. Additionally, individuals often overlook the coverage provided by their spouse. Even if patients know about secondary coverage, they assume that their primary coverage information extends automatically. The complexities of Medicaid and Medicare, with their various parts, can pose challenges even for professionals. Elderly or disabled recipients may not research their coverage fully and instead rely on your medical billing staff to have access to the necessary information. At JAR Solutions, we specialize in discovering hidden revenue sources and maximizing reimbursements.

Discovering Potential: An Overview of JAR Solution's Coverage Discovery Service

Researching potential payers for each patient can be a daunting task. At JAR Solutions, we offer a Coverage Discovery service that uses specialized software tools to make the process easier. When a patient indicates that they are self-paying, our system automatically checks for any available coverage. This benefits both the patient and the provider by uncovering any existing level of coverage. Our tools include advanced search features, automated claim scrubbing, a vast database, and sophisticated algorithms that work together to eliminate errors and false-positive results, ensuring accurate and reliable coverage information. You can experience the efficiency and accuracy of our Coverage Discovery service at JAR Solutions.

Enhance Front-End Eligibility and Benefit Verification with Coverage Discovery

The Coverage Discovery process begins at the initial stages of the medical revenue cycle by focusing on eligibility verification. Surprisingly, nearly one-third of claim denials and rejections occur due to errors occurring upfront, even before patients receive care from the provider. By improving registration and verification processes, there is a significant opportunity to enhance revenue. Here are some of the ways in which Coverage Discovery benefits the front-office process:

Streamlines Staff-Patient Interaction

Our service streamlines the interaction between your staff and patients, enabling a smoother and more efficient process

Increases Front-End Collections

By accurately verifying eligibility and benefits upfront, Coverage Discovery helps optimize front-end collections, ensuring you receive appropriate payment at the time of service.

Establishes Correct Code Matching

Our service ensures the correct matching of codes, reducing the likelihood of coding errors and subsequent claim rejections.

Provides Guidance to Staff

Through our guidance and support, your staff receives the necessary information and tools to navigate the complexities of eligibility verification, minimizing mistakes and improving accuracy.

Reduces Rejections and Denials

By addressing eligibility and benefit verification at the front end, Coverage Discovery helps decrease the occurrence of claim rejections and denials, ultimately maximizing revenue potential.

Efficient Coverage Discovery and Streamlined Billing Processes

Minimize Bad Debt with Coverage Discovery

With Coverage Discovery, obtain accurate payer information to bill all responsible parties, reducing unpaid bills and mitigating bad debt. Maximize reimbursement by identifying potential payers and eliminating services going unbilled.

Empower Front-End and Billing Staff

Coverage Discovery simplifies and streamlines the work of front-end and billing staff, enabling them to operate efficiently and focus on critical tasks. Experience the benefits of Coverage Discovery and empower your staff to excel in their roles.

Streamline Registration for Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline your registration process to gather accurate patient information and improve engagement. Clear communication about bills and financial responsibility increases the likelihood of payment and offers flexible payment options to improve collections and patient satisfaction.

Empower Billing Staff with Accurate Information

Our Coverage Discovery service provides your billing staff with accurate coverage details, ensuring claims are submitted correctly for higher approval rates. By streamlining the billing process and providing upfront coding information, your staff can efficiently complete necessary forms. Experience the efficiency of qualified billing staff with our comprehensive Coverage Discovery service.

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