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Efficient ASC Medical Billing Solutions

At Jar Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) when it comes to medical billing. With a smaller staff handling various services and practitioners, it can be overwhelming to stay updated on complex coding guidelines while running a successful center. That's why we offer specialized ASC medical billing services to alleviate the pressure and ensure you maximize reimbursements from payers.

Experience the benefits of our efficient ASC medical billing solutions at Jar Solutions, where we prioritize your financial success and streamline your billing processes.

Optimize Ambulatory Surgery Center Revenue

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Negotiate Out-of-Network Reimbursements:
Maximize your ASC revenue by leveraging our skilled negotiations team to secure favorable rates as an out-of-network provider. We navigate the complex negotiation process, ensuring you receive the best reimbursements possible.
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Streamline Patient Scheduling:
Ensure a smooth revenue cycle by effectively managing patient scheduling. Our trained professionals capture accurate and complete information during the intake process, setting the foundation for successful billing outcomes.

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Verify Benefits for Reimbursement:
Verify patient benefits to ensure reimbursability for ASC services. Our experienced team reviews and confirms that proposed treatments and procedures align with the patient's coverage, safeguarding your revenue.

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Accurate Coding Compliance:
Avoid claim denials by adhering to unique coding requirements specific to ASC billing. Our expert medical billers meticulously review claims, applying necessary modifiers and ensuring compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines.
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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management:
Jar Solutions offers more than just claims processing. Our innovative approach to ASC billing encompasses end-to-end revenue cycle management, including pre-appointment scheduling and collections. Ongoing training keeps our team updated, delivering maximum revenue for your ASC.
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Continual Electronic System Updates:
Stay current with ever-changing medical billing codes and payer policies through our advanced EHR/EMR software. Our secure system undergoes regular updates and adheres to the highest security standards to protect patient information.




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